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In the heart of Russia in upper courses of Volga located our Tver, it is one of the most ancient and most beautiful cities of Russia. It conducts the chronology with the first half of the XII century, but always remains young and fine. It is the large cultural and industrial center which development is promoted by a successful location between two capitals Moscow and St. Petersburg.

JSC “Volga baker” is called one of the main Tver brands is the largest in the region and one of the largest in the country the enterprise of baking and confectionery branches, whose production makes glory of our region for a long time.

In 2020 our company will celebrate it’s 80-years anniversary. The first loaves of bread left factory furnaces in 1940. Tver bakers all war kept the labor watch, fed both the back and the front approaching the Great Victory. Gratitude to defenders of the Fatherland, the trembling respect and care of veterans always remain for us a priority.

Today the “Volga baker” is the modern, dynamically developing enterprise, whose shops are equipped with the automated lines of the last generation from the best European and russian producers. Here are daily made 200 tons of various productions, remarkably tasty and very useful. It is certified meets the highest requirements, deserved an appreciation of Gosstandart of Russia and the International ecological fund.

The glory of our brand is brought by traditions, development and updating. We use selected natural components. We combine them with high technologies of the XXI century innovative approaches and regular modernization of production base and ancient compounding of the russian bread baking and confectionery production with original firm. Having chosen this way the “Volga baker” won one of the leading positions on the russian market. Buyers love our bread, ruddy bagels, the crackling wafers, fragrant cookies, pies, cakes and other delicacies for high quality, excellent taste and a wide choice.

Capacities grow, the geography of deliveries spreads our bakers create new natural and useful products under the name of the “Volga baker”. On counters more than sixty russian regions their abundance and a variety is pleasing to the eye. The enterprise has ahead many fulfillments and achievements. Time still will introduce a lot of new and faultless quality of production the “Volga baker” and its magnificent taste will remain invariable!

Our story began since the end of 1940 when the bakery No. 2 was equipped with 5 HPG furnaces with a power of 15 tons per day was constructed and put into operation. The plant worked less than a year before the war. During occupation of Kalinin in October, 1941 the significant damage was caused to the enterprise, more than 70% of capacities were destroyed. After release of the city, due to efforts of labor collective, with the active help of citizens the bakery was quickly restored. At the beginning of 1942 a rye square loaf started letting out here. Because of shortage of flour it was baked with additives 40% of potatoes, oat, corn and barley. In the shortest possible time release of army crackers for the front was adjusted. Delivery of production in shops was made on horses.

Employees of combine showed original labor heroism in the heaviest years of war and restoration of the destroyed economy. Here sacredly protect kind memory of it and yours faithfully tell about the first heads and the advanced masters of those of years, many of which were veterans. They put traditions of respect and devotion to business, the highest responsibility, reverential respect for bread and for a noble profession of the baker. With all the heart the current CEO of JSC “Volga baker” Lilia Korniyenko for whom our enterprise became the first and only place of work apprehended it. She began the shift technologist here, in 1983 headed combine and in the same now worthy principles brings up the collective.

For the flown by three quarters of the century the enterprise passed a big way. Now on the “Volga baker” twenty eight product production lines act and computerized providing guarantees faultless observance of technology. Today the “Volga baker” lets out 100 tons of bakery, 60 tons the bagels production and 40 tons of confectionery, including 10 tons of wafers daily. In its assortment about 300 names, and annual production more than 70 thousand tons. These are 48 % of the general production bakery and confectionery in the Tver region. At the “Volga baker” more than one thousand partners are major wholesale companies, the federal and regional companies, individual entrepreneurs.

For replenishment of the Russian treasury sound “live” ruble the enterprise was noted by the letter of thanks of Vladimir Putin.

By the Tver Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Federation of the Tver labor unions JSC “Volga baker” was introduced in the register of the organizations, which guaranteed the workers observing the labor law, and was awarded the All-Russian award in the field of the financial and budgetary policy and the fiscal relations “A national tax award” with award of an honorary title “The conscientious taxpayer”.

More than 65 tonnes per day are made by daily release of favourite, fragrant and ruddy long loafs by all. Bakery production is equipped with five completely automated lines of the best Russian and foreign companies. All technological operations from preparation of dough to packing of ready long loafs exclude manual skills that allows to keep steadily high quality of products.

Bread of the “Volga baker” is a separate category of production. Our enterprise lets out both the traditional and delicious grades which are already beloved  to a large number of consumers. Supporting a healthy lifestyle the “Volga baker” makes a special line of bread which is called the “Line of healthy food”. This tasty bread has special technology of preparation from rye flour, with use of germinated grain, bran, various cereals and other exclusively useful components for health of the person.

Bagels propduction (on russian language Baranka and Sushka) from the “Volga baker” are extremely demanded. This production is equipped with seven automated lines with a general power of 60 tons per day. This equipment which doesn’t have analogs in our country was made by the individual order in the Czech Republic, St. Petersburg and Tver. The highest quality the bagels of products the “Volga baker” was confirmed by victories at the most prestigious All-Russian and international competitions more than once.

Natural components, unique technology of double beating of cream, high milling of icing sugar all this make a stuffing for wafers extraordinary gentle and rich in taste. Gingerbreads is one of the most ancient Russian delicacies prepare according to traditional recipes with addition of various spices, a nutmeg, a carnation, cardamom, ginger  on any exacting taste. In 2014 at the enterprise was established  the automated line for production of gingerbreads and cookies with various fruit stuffings and condensed milk.

About 100 names all favourite rich rolls, puffs, delicious and national bread are issued in the small shop of the “Volga baker”. Average daily shipment makes more than 10 tons of production. The industrial equipment of the leading European and Russian companies is installed here. Technologists of the enterprise constantly develop new grades of bakery products for satisfaction of a growing demand of the modern market. Along with traditional types of bread in the small shop is made unleavened bread, grain bread, unleavened wheat cakes and berliners.

Confectionery production in Tver began in the XIX century with a candy store of the merchant D.F. Terentyev. In commercially from the small bakery No. 2 opened in 1952 in one of rooms of the Putevoy palace. It let out generally gingerbreads, cakes and also it is a little pies and cakes of the extremely limited range. In 1982 this bakery moved to the baker-confectionery shop created at our enterprise. Today it became hi-tech production with the automated equipment from the leading European companies.

JSC “Volga baker” with success represents baking and confectionery branch of the Upper Volga at the most prestigious forums in Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Belarus.  Awards of regional, federal and international level testify about the highest quality of production, the wide range and competitiveness. With each award responsibility before buyers grows and the main criterion of our work  is their recognition and trust.

Today production under the “Volga Baker” brand successfully is on sale in 6 foreign countries (Israel, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Abkhazia and South Ossetia). Through distributors in 62 regions of Russia – from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, from Murmansk to Sevastopol. Partners of the company are the leading federal distribution networks such as “Globus”, “Metro”, “Perekrestok”, “Lenta”, “Sedimoy kontinent”, “Diksi”, “Atak”,  “Piatiorochka”, “Magnit” and many others.Regular customers of our production are more than 3000 trade objects from small trade pavilions to hypermarkets. The wide geography of sales is inconceivable without the well adjusted transport service. Therefore on the “Volga baker” the special attention is paid to it. More than 200 firm cars round the clock carry out delivery bakery and confectionery in outlets not only Tver and area, but across all Central Russia.

The hi-tech and dynamically developing enterprise doesn’t stand still the “Volga baker” keeps up to date, carries regularly out modernization, updates the range list taking into account wishes of consumers. Annually on implementation of new investment projects directs more than 250 million rubles.

All production is made in strict accordance with the state and industry standards, underwent procedure of hygienic registration in bodies of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate, on a voluntary basis is certified in Rostest. Its quality is watched sharp-sightedly by the production and bacteriological laboratories accredited in system of Gosstandart of the Russian Federation.

In june 2018 The Certification Association “Russian Register” certified that the organization Open Joint Stock Company “Volga Baker” had passed the recertification according to the international ISO 22000:2005 standard.

Obtaining the international certificates testifies that the quality and safety management system in our organization is given to the level providing a basis for continuous improvement  continuous improvement of customer service, growth of motivation of the personnel. All this will promote further effective and successful development of the enterprise.

In 1983 the enterprise was headed by the honored worker of the food industry of the Russian Federation, the gentleman of a medal of honor, the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Tver region Lilia Korniyenko. “To collective – high social guarantees, to the city – real participation in socially significant projects, to the state – honest taxes!” – so the motto of the “Volga baker” sounds since then. 

Lilia Korniyenko is among the most dear people of the Upper Volga and carries a rank of the Honourable citizen of Tver region. For implementation of the charity directed on social support and protection of citizens, a significant personal contribution to development of the voluntary movement the CEO of JSC “Volga bekar” it is awarded by the honourable Sign of the Governor of the Tver region “For charity Great duchess Anna Kashinskaya”.

JSC “Volga baker” takes active part in socially significantprojects of the city and carries out own large-scale interesting and well thought over social programs.

So for more then 20 years the “Children are our Future” program within which the “Volga baker” annually in Knowledge Day congratulates first graders of Proletarsky district is realized and hands them gifts. At the initiative of the CEO Lilia Korniyenko the “sweet grant” to excellent students in study of sponsored schools and colleges is founded. The children’s creative competitions “Young Painter” and “Young Confectioner” enjoy wide popularity in the region – more than 700 thousand rubles annually go to their organization. Gives to the sponsored schools and kindergartens the “Volga baker” help under repair, acquisition of the equipment, a sports equipment and musical instruments.

Annually to shops the “Volga baker” more than two thousand pupils of educational institutions of the Tver region come to excursions. They get acquainted with the enterprise with the advanced methods of modern hi-tech production that promotes education of respect for a profession of the baker and the standard of work.

The “Volga baker” is the basic enterprise where students of a number of the Tver universities, colleges and lyceums, and also professional educational institutions of Ufa and Kaluga, pass work practice. On a bread-baking complex they gain practical skills of work and earn a worthy reward.

Veterans are a special, tender care of the deputy Lilia Korniyenko and it the “Volga baker”. The enterprise closely cooperates with councils of veterans, veteran clubs and the “Artillerist” organization, public associations of pensioners. For them festive actions with warm congratulations and concerts, a sincere feast and gifts will regularly be organized. Invariable support is given to the people who gave to the enterprise for many years of work and nowadays being on deserved rest.

In the City Day the platform of the “Volga baker” becomes the center of mass celebrations with the cheerful games, competitions dramatized by representations, tasting of tasty novelties, attractions and appetizing prizes.

The “Volga baker” annually directs over 3 million rubles on the charitable purposes. Within the social project of Lilia Korniyenko “Large families”, the enterprise free of charge provides them with bread. The same support is got also by needy families with children and needy parishioners of many Tver temples.

For more then twenty years the “Volga baker” holds annually in the city large-scale ecological community work days with attraction of special equipment, arranges well parks, the green space, squares, territories of kindergartens and platforms. His cares cultivated and returned to citizens once well-known hierarchal ponds. Our collective takes care of park, wich adjacents to the territory of a bread-baking complex.

The main property of the “Volga baker” his highly qualified personnel. It is a friendly staff from 1400 people, they provide with the daily work progress of the enterprise. People are object of constant care of the management; on a bread-baking complex collective and individual rest of employees will be organized, there is the improving complex, a first-aid post, the dining room, pass occupations of fitness group and collective of a national song where everyone can show the creative abilities.

While the enterprise worked a lot of things has changed – the political system in Russia exchanged, the name and borders of our state became others, but invariable was one it is the “Volga baker” (the former bread-baking complex No. 2) still lets out tasty bread and remarkable sweets, darlings not only in Tver but also is far outside the Tver region.

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